Credit Check


What is a Credit Check?

Every credit active consumer has a credit report which provides a snapshot of your credit accounts, repayment records and how well you are dealing with your finances. Credit providers will perform a check on your credit report to decide whether to offer you credit andwhat credit terms to offer you.

What is on my Credit Check Summary?

The credit summary section of your credit report summarises information about the different types of accounts active in your name, the number of times enquiries have been made under your name, the number of public records active in your name and any defaults against you.

Factors affecting your credit score include the way you manage your existing accounts, how much debt you have, how long you've had accounts for and what type of actions have been taken by lenders against you.

The most damaging is the negative information that shows that you have not kept to your agreement with a lender and they have opted to take action against you through reporting defaults or judgment action.

What does Credit Health do for me?

Upon ordering your report,Credit Health will provide you witha 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 Credit Report which contains an easy to understand record of your credit status 3 to 4 Credit Bureaus.

Credit Health also offers a Free Credit Score to all customers which can be obtained here. You may also request your Credit Score via cellphone by simply dialing *120*27778#.

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