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When discovering the true state of your credit health, it makes sense to get the complete picture, which is why we have launched Credit Health Complete, South Africa’s most comprehensive credit report.

By consolidating all your credit information from the four major credit bureaus (Compuscan; Experian; TransUnion and XDS) in South Africa into a single report, you’ll finally understand the true state of your credit health and exactly what might be impacting it and preventing you from accessing credit or better interest rates.
Included with Complete is a personalised action plan (Credit Health Re-Act), which cleverly and conveniently guides you towards improving your overall credit health by highlighting any listings which require your attention and suggesting simple steps to rectify the adverse information.

Your journey towards improving your overall credit health starts with knowing where you currently stand. Get your detailed map with directions to a better credit health by going Complete.

What You Get

  • A line-by-line comparison of the information held on each of the four major credit bureaus (Experian; TransUnion; Compuscan and XDS) in South Africa
  • If applicable, a free quote from our legal specialists on removing negative information so you can get credit and/or qualify for a lower rate of interest
  • Your Credit Health Score - you’ll see how the bureaus rate your overall credit reputation ( scores only provided by Experian, Compuscan and XDS)
  • An optional, free subscription to our monthly newsletter, explaining how to build wealth
  • Access to the Your Credit Health portal via our website

Included in Credit Health Re-Act

  • Credit Health Re-Act is a simple, yet effective plan to improve your credit health based on accounts or listings that are adversely affecting it.
  • Each plan is formulated specifically to your credit information, ensuring the maximum improvement of your credit health.
  • If you haven't yet ordered your Credit Health Report, order one now to receive your login credentials and gain access to your action plan.
  • Advice on how to pay off your legal debts and savings of up to 30% off the outstanding balance when using our Debt Negotiation Service.
  • A detailed, step-by-step Reaction Plan on exactly what action you need to take on EACH and EVERY problem on your credit report that is causing your Credit Score to be reduced.

Product Options

Receive your report by email in the next 60 minutes* from each of the 4 data bureaus for
  • Your Credit Score
  • Judgments against you
  • Defaults against you
  • Notices against you
  • Which accounts you have
  • How you've paid these accounts
  • Who's been checking your credit record
  • Free Action Plan
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