The Credit Report

Get Your Credit Diagnosis
The South African economic system provides for many avenues through which individuals can obtain credit. There are different reasons advanced by those seeking credit finance but there are definitely two sides to a credit situation. Having adverse information on a credit report puts one in a negative light because it translates into bad credit scores and having good credit information translates into good credit scores. The key to determining whether one has a good credit rating or a bad one lies in gathering all credit information from all major bureaus.

One of South Africa's leading personal financial information houses stepped up to introduce the innovative Credit Health Report. This is a comprehensive singular report which combines all the credit information from Experian, Transunion, XDS and Compuscan. By purchasing this report, clients will get access to their consolidated credit information. There is an optional free subscription to the monthly newsletter explaining how to build wealth. Clients will be able to see how the bureaus rate their overall credit reputation and the report provides a line by line comparison of the information held on each of the four major credit bureaus in South Africa. If applicable, the debt negotiators can assist with negotiating lower settlement values with creditors on distressed debt.