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Save up to 30% on the settlement of overdue accounts with our help

The Debt Negotiation Service is here to help you settle your outstanding debts at a reduced amount saving you not only money, but also time in the process.

Our team of specialist debt negotiators uses their skills and established relationships with creditors and debt collectors to ensure the settlement of your outstanding debt at the largest possible saving and least amount of hassle.

Alleviate the emotional and financial burden of your overdue accounts now by using the Debt Negotiation Service.

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How It Works
  • Fill in the details of the debts that you want us to negotiate at a reduced settlement on your behalf.
  • One of our specialist debt negotiators will review your debts and, based on their experience, provide you with a settlement quotation.
  • You deposit the quoted settlement amount into our Trust account in order for us to proceed with the negotiation and guarantee your creditor the payment of the offered amount.
  • We negotiate a reduced settlement on the debt and save you as much money as possible in the process.
  • We provide you with a paid-up letter directly from your creditor, confirming the settlement of your debt and the closure of the account.

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Why the Debt Negotiation Service works?

So why would you want to settle your debt(s)? The first reason is this – to save you money.

The second reason is your Credit Health Score. Whenever you owe money on default debts, it appears on your credit record, lowering your credit score. When you have a poor credit score, you can't get access to credit (to buy anything on credit), rent an apartment, book your kids into a good school, or anything financial.

The good news is that all this is reversible. When you pay your debts, it's then possible to clear your credit record of the negative information and restore your Credit Health Score and your financial reputation.

Let’s face it though. Your creditors have put you through lots of pain. So why pay them everything they’re demanding from you? By using the Debt Negotiation Service you can settle your debts for less than your creditor is demanding from you!

This could save you hundreds if not thousands of Rands. If you can save this amount of money by making your creditor accepts less, then why not?

Many people ask us why we are so effective at negotiating the settlement of debts. It’s a good question. And the answer is as follows:
  • Experience: we’ve been negotiating the settlement of our client’s debts with their creditors for over nine (9) years now.
  • Expertise: we have a team of expert negotiators, and they negotiate all day long, so they’re really good at it!
  • Relationships: we're constantly in contact with the decision makers at your creditors to build strong and stable relationships to ensure that we are able to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf;
  • Reputation: since we’ve been dealing with the decision makers that are your creditors for years now, they trust us to negotiate in good faith, which we do – our reputation is very important to us
  • Third party: we're an independent third party, and don't have the history with your creditors that you do, making the negotiation a totally emotionless event;
  • Tangibility: when we negotiate with creditors we're always able to confirm that we have the offer amount in our Capital Account, making the offer much more tangible to the creditor and more easily acceptable;
All of the above factors result in you getting the best deal when settling your default debts.


These are the most commonly asked questions on the Debt Negotiation Service.

Question: What is the process?
Answer: The Debt Negotiation Service costs R350 per debt settled, and works as follows:
  1. You deposit the Debt Negotiation Fee(s) into our account (details below):

    Credit Health (Pty) Ltd Standard Bank Rosebank branch (code 004305) Account number 002050684

    Use your ID number as reference.
  2. We investigate and confirm the Outstanding balance and Settlement Amount on the debt, and feed these details back to you (the difference between the Outstanding balance and the Settlement Amount is your saving). Please note the following: 
    • The Debt Investigation & Negotiation Service cost of R350 is non-refundable in the event you don’t take up our quoted Settlement Amount
    • If we settle your account for less that the quoted Settlement Amount, we will retain the difference as a fee
    • The Debt Negotiation Service is NOT a payment re-arrangement. It is a once-off settlement of your debt based on your depositing the Settlement Amount to our account, and us negotiating the settlement for you.

  3. You then deposit the Settlement Amount to our Credit Health Capital Account (details below)

    Credit Health Capital Account Standard Bank Rosebank branch (code 004305) Account number 001615106

    Use your ID number as reference.

  4. We negotiate the settlement with the creditor, make payment, and confirm settlement and account closure with you
Question: So, how much can we settle your debt for?
Answer: In most cases, we can save you between 15% and 40% in the settlement of these debts, depending on the circumstances (e.g. age of debt, creditor, payment history etc.) surrounding the debts. Once we’ve investigate all these facts, we will inform you of the saving that we can generate for you

Question: Can I pay off the settlement in installments
Answer: No, the Debt Negotiation Service is for once-off settlements of your debts, and doesn’t extend to a payment arrangement.