Debt Settlement

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Accumulated debt can be an emotional and financial burden on the shoulders of individuals and families involved. Debt in many instances becomes a chronic burden because the lender can easily inflate debt as legal fees, collection fees or even add on interest amounts. A poor credit record also prevents one from getting access to further credit,, renting an apartment or getting kids into a good school. The ability to carefully negotiate for debt repayment terms is key in managing debt.

Credit Health has designed a Debt Negotiation Service which assists clients settle distressed debt at a reduced amount with savings to the consumer from 15% to 40%. Using the expertise of internal debt negotiators, this service assists clients to save time and financial resources on debt settlements.

This debt negotiation service follows simple laid down steps to achieve maximum results. The first step is for a client to go to the online page and fill in details of the debt. One of the specialist debt negotiators will review client debts and based on experience provide a settlement quotation. A client is then required to deposit the quoted settlement amount into the Credit Health Trust account in order for Credit Health to proceed with the negotiation and guarantee your creditor the offered amount. Credit Health tries to negotiate a reduced settlement on the debt and finally provides the client with a paid up letter directly from the creditor, confirming the settlement of the debt and closure of the account.

For all the above listed work and benefits, the Debt Negotiation Service costs only R350 per debt settled. This cost is usually more than covered by the savings on the settlement.