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The Five Fingered Rule to Personal Money Wisdom is a set of five practical guidelines to empower, enlighten and educate ordinary South African consumers to "get out and stay out" of money trouble at a time when the level of household debt in South Africa is constantly growing and causing high levels of stress.

The program is relevant to everyone predominantly any organisation where staff are excessively over indebted. The high level of vulnerability experienced by those in excessive debt and the subsequent abuse of money-lenders, banks and others is a reality.

While more money is always desirable, the solution to this problem is not to increase peoples’ earnings but to empower people to take accountability, to be truthful with themselves and to install knowledge. This self-awareness e-learning forms the foundation of a successful and fulfilling life by following the Five Fingered Rule for new life-changing 'money' habits.

Your journey towards improving your overall credit health starts with knowing where you currently stand. Get your detailed map with directions to a better credit health by going Complete.

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  • Practical personal leadership skills
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