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We will provide you with your free score just to ensure that you are on top of your credit health. We have limited the number of free scores per month so if you are unable to get your score this month, please try next month. All you need to do is register and then order your free score from this page.

When it comes to understanding the state of your credit health, there’s no better starting point than knowing your total points.Your credit score is an accurate indication of your overall credit health, taking your complete credit profile into account.As part of our on-going initiative to empower and educate South Africans on all things credit, we’re giving consumers a chance to view their credit score for FREE once a year with the Credit Health Snapshot.

Additional Snapshots ordered within the year will only cost you R10.

The first step on your journey to becoming credit fit starts with knowing your credit score.

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Receive your score by email in the next 60 minutes* from XDS data bureau for R /once-off (R10.00per report) Includes details of: Your Credit Score