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verb (used with object)
to enlighten, with knowledge.
As consumers, we often only find out the true nature of debt once we’re in it. The debt trap is deceptive, hidden behind glamorous words that have been carefully concocted by magicians of marketing who conveniently focus on our undeniable desire for instant gratification and deliberately diminish the facts by using teeny tiny font. Once the claws of credit catch us, it’s hard to detach ourselves from debt. We enter a vicious cycle of credit, incurring more debt to settle existing debt.

Our monthly newsletter aims to unravel the truth about credit by empowering consumers through educational articles that tell it how it is. We won’t send you monthly fairytales of financial success and guarantees of becoming millionaires overnight. Every month you’ll get content that is current and relevant. Content to curb your credit and control it, so you can start building wealth.

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